New Beginnings

August 20, 2021

Friday 3pm EST 20th of August 2021 was the last moment I stopped being a Namely employee after 1.8 years at the company.

While living, we have the chance to live several lives as long as we’re willing to. - Paraphrasing off the netflix series Money Heist, a statement made by the character Tokyo.

Birthing a new timeline into wale-cinematic universe.

People act surprised when they learnt I resigned from my role without having another offer from somewhere else to replace it with. I understand their sentiments because it isn’t the norm to be jobless voluntarily except for cases of employer mistreatment etc.

This however was a necessary step for me as I believe working shouldn’t be far-fetched from living, People treat work separately from their lifes, dedicating time to Live after working.

  • Why can’t it be both?
  • Does it have to be different?
  • Are we meant to work and live separately?
  • Who even decides these things for us?
The question now is what will I be upto Next?

I am taking a Sabbatical for a Year.
Not taking any new roles at the moment till the end of the 2022, however, I will be open to consulting opportunities from next year.

To make this post short, I will write about how we built the Report Builder and made ground works for the now Intelligence App at Namely.

You can reach me on Twitter Walecloud

Featured Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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